Timm Peltner




Email: timm.peltner@gmail.com

Eye Colour: Blue-Green

Hair Colour: Blonde

Hair Lenght: Short

Height: 6'1" (186 cm)

Location: Berlin / London



Education/Training: STARTER, Berlin Acting School for Film and TV

Languages: English, German (mother tongue)

Music Instruments: Trumpet

Sports: Horse riding, Skiing, Skating, Cycling, Swimming, Diving, Darts, Bowling, Mixed Martial Arts





Nicola Code, Supporting, Director: Cui Lei 

Kray – The Edge of the World, Supporting, Director: Alexey Uchitel

Taken Dream, Supporting, Director: Julian Weiss

Seven Levels Deep, Supporting, Director: Pina Brutal

Venus Express, Supporting, Director: Sofia Ayala

Fabian, Supporting, Director: Dominik Graf

Die Galoschen des Glücks, Supporting, Director: Friederike Jehn 

Fauxpas, Lead, Director: Robert Wolff

The Garbagemen can, Supporting, Director: Edzard Onneken

The Last Day, Supporting, Director: Patrick A. Kompio

La Fin, Lead, Director: Patrick A. Kompio

Escalevation, Lead, Director: Patrick A. Kompio

Angsthase, Lead, Director: Patrick A. Kompio

A vague idea of what a sad story is, Supporting, Director: Vicente de Solminihac

Property, Supporting, Director: Matthias Lintner

Amazing, Supporting, Director: Tina Matzat

Alex and the Lion, Supporting, Director: Yuri Garate

Lean on me, Lead, Director: Daniel Fuchs

The Letter, Supporting, Director: Doroteya Droumeva

Gedankensprung, Lead, Director: Jurij Segal

Life is a Tombola, Lead, Director: Stanislaw Barkov

Peggy, Lead, Director: Ellen Müller


Documentaries & TV-Shows:

Dandelion, Supporting, Director: Hannes Spring

Young Love, Lead, Director: Peter Pippig

Wagner & Verdi: The Revolutionaries, Lead, Director: Peter Pippig

The History of Middle-Germany:

Reinhard Gehlen – The Masterplayer and the Nazis“, Supporting, Director: Peter Pippig

Hilde Benjamin – The Executioner of the GDR, Supporting, Director: Peter Pippig

Elsa Brändström – The Angel of Sibiria, Supporting, Director: Peter Pippig

Vox - Hunger for knowledge, Lead, Director: Cathrin Bonhoff


Commercials, Music Videos etc.:

The Yellow Days - Holding on, Music Video, Lead, Director: Neirin Best & Tom O'Meara 

Blindenstiftung, Social-Spot, Lead, Director: Gilbert Beronneau

Dean-Belt, Commercial,  Supporting, Director: Anton Bauer

Castingheroes, Commercial, Supporting, Director: Patrick Kulik

Die Lager-Box, Commercial, Lead, Director: Philipp Gabriel

Paul Stoeher - Where you gonna sleep tonight? - Music Video, Supporting, Director: Philipp Gabriel

Ira Atari - Monday, Supporting, Director: Rike Lange

Crossing, Video installation, Supporting, Director: Era Vati

 Lion, Turtle, Bear - Video installation, Supporting, Director: Lola Zhao

IT Security on Airports, Supporting, Director: Karsten Pruehl



"Eichwald", Director: Fabian Möhrke 

"Wenn schon falsch, dann richtig!", Director: Holger Haase

 "The most beautiful girl in the world", Director: Aron Lehmann 

The King of Berlin, Director: Lars Kraume

The Cold Heart, Director: Johannes Naber

The 4 Rules, Director: Michel Ferra

Inglorious Basterds, Director: Quentin Tarantino

The Border, Director: Roland Suso Richter

Breathless, Director: Joachim & Rene Weiler

Men to kiss, Director: Robert Hasfogel

Battering ram, Director: Marvin Kren

Little Thirteen, Director: Christian Klandt

The Passenger, Director: Tor Iben

Tatort - Everything has it's price, Director: Florian Kern

A Raven called Poe, Director: Torsten Lenz

God forsaken, Director: Olaf Ittenbach



You messed up my pan, you sunny egg of terror, Supporting, Director: Rene Pollesch 

Russian Passport, Lead, Director: El Earthbourne

Berlin Dungeon

Good Evening, Maestro, Lead, Director: Barbara Kowa

Seven Seals - The Trip, Supporting, Director: Barbara Kowa

The Psychograph, Lead, Director: Jens Grooth

Dead Poet's Society, Lead, Director: Jale Maria Gönenc

TimeRave, Lead, Director: Jale Maria Gönenc

A few people are looking for happiness and laughing themselves dead, Supporting, Director:

Michael Hewel

Silvana, Supporting, Director: Reinhard Mlotek

Happy End, Supporting, Director: Theo Meller

Anniversary with obstacles, Supporting, Director: Viktorya Balitska

Lysistrata, Supporting, Director: Esther Hohlbein